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J.H. Müller GmbH Raw materials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dietetics


Vegetable Butter Sheabutter

Is the fat from seeds of the Sheatree. This product is easily integrated in many forms such as soap and creams



Special substances

are available in Polycanisters of 1kg, 5kg or 25 kg netto and in original barrels and containers.



Vegetable oils Arganoil

Is won through a complex process, from the seeds of the Argantree. It is used as a highly valuable gourmet oil as well as in skin care products.



Vegetable oils Jojoba oil

Is won fromnthe beans of the Jojoba bush. The cold-pressed valuable oil is primarily used in the cosmetics and pharmacology.


Rose Hip Oil

Vegetable oils Rose Hip Oil

Is won from the seeds of the hip fruit. The oil contains a high level of linoleic acid and Provitamin A.


Your reliable supplier of raw materials since 1952 for cosmetics, pharma and dietetics at home and abroad.



This oil is won from the kernel of peaches via mechanical pressing and subsequent refining. Growing regions are in Europe, USA, south America and Asia. P.K.O. is highly unsaturated (oil and linoleic acid) and also contains palmitic acid.

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Olive oil, native, extra

Olive oil

Native oil extra is regarded as a very fine, aromatic salad and diet oil. It is a mild skin oil and is often used as an essential ingredient for cosmetic and pharmaceutical lotions and ointments. It is recognised as a suspension for many active substances in the pharmacology.

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